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March 20, 2011


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You should see all of the add ons you can get for it.


wow lucky you.
My Sunbeam is only about 15 years old and has made way more sponges (at 20 min+) than pavs and is starting to get tired


I love that colour !!!


How about naming it "Kermit" and it did look pretty good sitting on your kitchen bench - can't wait for "material girls" day to see what you beat up :)


So pleased for you that there was something lovely at the end of a whole lot of swearing & tears! We used to milk sheep when I was growing up - yep, lots of swearing too at times! Look forward to seeing your first pav! Ros x


Nice gift Russell! I think it was just as well he bought something to take your mind of the milking "fun and games".....it can only get better! Great colour btw!

Marion Prime

How nice. I just use a hand held beater, and keep thinking that I would love a new fancy mixer. Oh well one day. When I find room in the cupboard for it. You will be mixing up a storm on Linda.

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