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April 01, 2011


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Linda, The hexagon quilt looks great! You have done a fantastic job and its a real credit to you. Only you could have the patience to tackle such a massive project. Fantastic Effort!! :-)

Michelle Gristede

Fantastic you have done a great job can't wait to see it for real. U should b proud on what u have achieved xx


OMG!!!!! I cant wait to see it!


Brilliant! Love the last little hexi being stitched into place....and I have been lucky enough to see it IRL......well done you!

Julz at Simple Stitches

are all the hexies that size????

You are truly mad Miss Linda!!! but what a wonderful quilt....
I'm coming to see this in person one day.

Betty Seuren

wonderful fantastic effort my mind just boggles with th thought of all those little hexagons looking forward to seeing it for real


Linda, this is an astonishing achievement! It is very beautiful, and you are obviously an impeccably accurate stitcher. Congratulations! The quilting world, especially in the US, is abuzz this week with suggestions that quilting is being 'dumbed-down'. That we are not challenging ourselves to improve our skills, but happy to go with a 'quick' and easy option. Your quilt is testament to a continued tradition of beautiful workmanship requiring immeasurable patience. Ros x


Just beautiful. I have to admire your stamina and the way you have stuck with it!!


Wow Linda and congratulations, just awesome and what an inspiration you are :)


Awesome! Such an amazing effort. It has been a privilege watching it grow, and I cant wait to see it hanging in the city. Congrats on such an amazing job, I never once doubted you would finish it.

Andrea Clarke

What an amazing job you have done Linda. Top Effort!


You are amazing!! Congratulations on a work of art. I just love the fussy cut flowers - if I had the patience I would do the same. By the way when is your next optometrist appointment? You must dream of hexagons. Can't wait to see it all in the flesh.


Wow what an amazing effort! Well done :)

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