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November 08, 2013


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Jill H.

Hi Linda. We were interested in those pictures of the bulls. First of all are your yards timber grating, and secondly after the bullies got into the crush, and subsequently into the tipper, did the vets back them into the shed to work on them. I, too, don't like working with bulls in the same yard as me. My strongest memory, which I will never forget is taking my eye off one years ago whilst we were drafting, and a huge shadow went over me, with bully trying to get up on the back of a cow behind me. Up "there" he loomed very large.


what an unusual vantage point!! Poor boys getting sore feet chasing the girls! ...and those new shoes would give them a bit of extra height as well so they look taller to the girls...Bahahahaha I didn't like having the bulls in with the girls when I was helping milk - was always happy when they didn't come into the yards.

Christine M

Hi Linda. I didn't know they put shoes on bulls. Thanks for telling us about another part of farm life.


This is kinda hysterical. lazy bugger bulls need special shoes to visit the ladies .... Love it !

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