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June 26, 2014


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Congratulations on your well deserved success. Such a wonderful, happy achievement.....and a gorgeous quilt.

Di Jobbins

Congratulations Linda! Elenor Jean is beautiful. I well recall the day I was there to see Prudence win the Victorian Quilters' Fabric of Society Challenge. I was in awe of that amazing quilt, but with this quilt you've surpassed yourself and have earned every accolade that is sure to come your way. Bravo!

Deb G. in VA

Congratulations!!! 'Elenor Jean' is beautiful! I wish I could see her in person! I'm curious, how do you hang an hexagon shaped quilt? I have a much smaller hexagon shaped quilt I am working on and I've been puzzling over how to hang it when I get it done.


Congratulations! I have enjoyed following the journey of your quilt making and am thrilled that you have won this amazing award.I look forward to seeing it in person on Sunday when I visit the show.
Cheers and well done!

Patricia boyle

Congratulations she is a beauty.


Oh, Elenor Jean wonderful! Is she hand quilted? This is another one of those times when I wish there weren't so many miles between the U.S. and Australia. Would love to see her in person!


Congratulations Linda. All that sewing on your travels in the USA paid off. What an achievement. You must be very proud of yourself.


Elenor Jean is a wonderful quilt.

Greetings, Manuela


Congratulations Linda, so well deserved.

Christine M

Congratulations Linda. A well deserved win. I'm sorry I won't be getting to the show to see it in person.

Jane Pike

Congratulations Linda, Eleanor Jean is stunning.

Leanne E

Congratulations Linda a stunning quilt. I hope you kept track of the number of hexagons and hours it took to make her.


Congratulations Linda!!!!


Congratulations, Linda!! Amazing job and beautiful -beatiful quilt !!!


Congratulations Linda! Certainly a stunning quilt and a well deserved award.....Yay!!!!

Jill H.

Absolutely thrilled to see the finished result,albeit by photo at this stage. It is really stunning and your rewards so richly deserved. Looking forward to the story behind it all - did you make it up as you went, or was 'she' drawn on paper first? No matter what you did, the effort is so worthwhile.


who knows where my comment has gone.........massive congrats on your awards..........not sure who I like more now.....Prudence" or "Elenor Jean"..........both amazing......Elenor jean may take some beating in the Best of Australia.......
One day I will get to your place to see both quilts in real life...........CONGRATS........go celebrate.......

Outback Crafter - Debra

I have goosebumps for you. What an awesome surprise that must have been. Congratulations doesn't seem enough to say. Hopefully I will get to see Elenor Jean when she travels to Brisbane.
Well done.



I have no words! It's magnificent. Thank you for thinking of us on your special day.



She is an amazing quilt! Well done!

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