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April 23, 2015


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Omg Linda and Kerry I remember those days very well. So glad you got to meet up with Kerry and paddy. I couldn't make it to barbs for dinner either so hav not been able to catch up with them either 😟


It is so funny that you wrote this !
We did a trip to Mt Gambier on Easter Saturday and on our way out of the shopping centre I heard my name, turning around it took me a minute to realise that an old school friend was sitting there with her brother. I wouldn't have recognised either of them especially M because she is no longer size 6 ( I am actually smaller than her !) and she is all gray. We couldn't talk for long but it was good to reconnect after about 33 years


I have come across your blog via IG. Congratulations on the win-- your quilt looks beautiful.

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