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November 18, 2015


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Linda V

I always enjoyed the Lister stories, will miss them.


Beautiful tribute to such a beautiful dog!! Sorry for your loss lister will be missed.


I am so sorry that you lost your boy; I have a Staffy, and they are remarkable dogs. I loved seeing pictures of Lister, such a beautiful lad. He'll be missed.

Carol Snijders

Such a lovely tribute to Lister and so sad at your loss. Going to miss Lister greeting's when I come to Gum Valley. He certainly was a personality. Looks like Russell will have to share a bag of lollies with you and not Lister now! RIP Lister


I wondered if it was a snake. :( such a brave dog. We had several years between our last dog and milly and wondered if we would have another one as its so heartbreaking loosing them. But the hole in our family was too big and needed to be filled (not to mention the left overs!)
I certainly understand your decision to not get another family member, perhaps in time....
beautiful post and memories of a special friend


I saw the link on facebook and didn't want to click over 'cause I knew I would be a blubbery mess but Lister had such character I had to read.
RIP Lister - what a wonderful life he shared with you.


beautiful tribute to Lister (the wonder doggie!)...bought tears to the eyes....will miss all the Lister photos and stories....RIP Lister

Marita Biggs

Looks like Lister has enjoyed life and that was a really nice tribute RIP Lister

Carole Sullivan

what a touching reminder of all Lister meant to you...and to those of us that read about his antics!!!


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